Super Million Hair 20G 11 Gray

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When Super Million Hair is sprinkled on the area of concern, the specially processed plant-based antimicrobial fiber adheres to the hair by static electricity, resulting in a natural finish like hair growth. By spraying the Super Million Hair Mist from above, it keeps the style natural for a long time, making it hard to drop even in rain, wind or sweat. How to use: STEP 1 will dry the hair: Make your hair style dry with your hair. If you are concerned about the oil in your hair or scalp, wash your hair or wipe it in advance to make it look more natural. If you are using a hair growth agent, wait until the scalp is completely dry. Hairdresser will finish better if not used. Sprinkle to knock on STEP 2 scalp: Place the container directly on the area of interest and sprinkle it lightly until the background disappears. Recommend using it while checking with a hand mirror etc. until you get used to it. If you lift the container high and sprinkle it, it may splash around, so use it as you tap the scalp directly. If the scalp is oily or you do not want to break the hairstyle, sprinkle it away from the hair so that the container does not rest on your head. STEP 3 light and ready: After sprinkled, lightly pat it with your hands and let it blend in with your hair. By lightening, the Super Million Hair on the hair will blend in, so your hair will be more natural. STEP 4 Use Super Million Hair Mist: Finally, spray Super Million Hair Mist about 15cm apart. Do not touch until the hair is completely dry. If you want to dry quickly, use a dryer.

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